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Infrared Remotes Custom Features and Options- main features page

The exterior portion of the remote control can be modified in a varity of way. Typically, color and texture are the most common ways to modify a remote control enclosure when using an off the shelf (pre-existing) mold and make them unique for your application.

The remote control case/enclosure color can be changed to match your design requirements. Typically, the standard remote control case color is black, both for low volume purchases or, higher volume purchases with no additional costs. We can use a standard color, or match your pantone requirements.

Color pigments can either be mixed with the plastic, or, applied to the outer case similar to spray painting.

Additional color modifications such as adding metalic paint flecks can be included.
remote control case colors and textures
Case/Enclosure Color Examples


Several processes are available to add texture to the remote control enclosure surface; Hot Stamping and Soft Touch.

Hot Stamping adds a metalic, slightly ridged texture to the surface of the enclosure. Text, graphics and logos can be silk screened onto the hot stamp surface.

Hot stamping is a dry printing process. In hot stamping, a metallic or color pigment is transferred from a roll of foil to the surface of the remote control by way of heat and pressure. A metal or silicone rubber die, heated to a range of 150 to 200°C (302-392 F) presses onto the plastic object through a colored foil. The heat and pressure releases the foil to the surface of the remote to form a permanent bond with the remote.

hot stamp texture example
Hot Stamp Texture Example
Soft Touch adds a velvet, silk or rubber feel to the enclosure. Soft touch is a special textured spray paint applied to the exterior of the remote control prior to assembly. Many colors as well as clear are available. Soft touch improves the durability of the surface of the remote as it is both scratch and mar resistant.