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For use with Infrared Remotes
(USB, RS232, TTL)

These infrared receivers are designed and manufactured to work with infrared remote controls. We supply numerous remote controls that will work with these infrared receivers. We can modify and customize the below receivers. We also supply direct from our factory, low volume remote controls which will pair with the below receivers. All low volume infrared remotes can be customized post-factory with your graphics, logos and branding.

The below receivers are designed to recognize most common infrared protocols and output unique serial or TTL signals.

RCV5000 RS-232 Serial
Custom ASCII and/or HEX Output Availabl

RCV-5000 Infrared RS-232 Receiver  

RCV-5000 RS-232 Serial Infrared Converter

IR input from a remote control to ASCII and/or HEX output strings. We will program the ASCII and HEX strings for your device and to match the key layout of your remote, or one of our infrared remote controls.

  Custom control of devices with RS-232 communication ports. Technical control ports of many devices allowing direct access commands.

RCV1000 Infrared Receiver Applications
RCV1000 Infrared Receiver   The RCV1000 infrared receiver is a low profile infrared receiver to mount on a flat surface. Connects via stereo jack connector.   Operates as a secondary infrared receiver receptor so equipment can be stored out of sight. Works with the RCV-5000 Infrared Receiver
RCV-1500 Infrared Receiver   Applications
RCV-1500 Infrared Receiver   Small Profile Infrared Receiver with TTL level output. Recognizes infrared signals in the 30-60 KHz range. Available with receive confirmation LED which will blink when IR codes are received.   Allows for discrete placement of an infrared receiver such as the RCV-5000 Infrared Receiver

RCV2000 RS232 and RCV3000 USB Infrared Receiver   Applications
RCV-2000 Infrared Receiver   RS-232 or USB connection infrared receivers. Can be customized for most applications and most infrared remote controls. Available output and connector styles include RS-232 Serial, USB, or TTL. Infrared reception of almost all infrared protocols, or, customizable to limit recognition to one or a few infrared formats or signals.   All RS2332 or USB control via infrared remote control (our remote models or your remote control). Set top boxes, computer control, electronic equipment, industrial control equipment, medical equipment

RCV2000 - IR to RS-232 Output Serial Receiver
RCV-2000 RS-232 Serial Infrared Receiver   The RCV-2000 Infrared Receiver is programmed to recognize six of the most popular infrared code protocols used in infrared remote controls: NEC, RC5, Sony, Mitsubishi. Toshiba and Matsushita. The RCV-2000 will transmit ASCII strings based on the infrared code protocol.

Celadon can create custom ASCII strings mapped to specific infrared codes to meet your application requirements.

  Serial computer control, set top box control, RS-232 controllable equipment.

RCV3000 - Infrared to USB Receiver
RCV-3000 USB Infrared Receiver   The RCV3000 IR USB Receiver is programmed to recognize six of the most popular infrared code protocols: NEC, RC-5, Sony, Mitsubishi. Toshiba and Matsushita. The RCV3000 will transmit unique ASCII output strings based on the infrared code protocol and key.

We will program custom ASCII strings mapped to specific infrared codes should your application and equipment need custom output.
  Infrared to USB applications.

SC28 Infrared Receiver   Applications
SC-RCV-28 Infrared Receiver   Small Profile Infrared Receiver with TTL level output. Includes visible infrared signal receive LED.   Discrete placement of infrared receiver used to control infrared capable equipment.

BW TRX Kit - TTL/ or Parallel TTL Infrared Receiver Kit   Applications
BW Infrared Receiver Kit   The BW TRX series receives infrared codes using a 38KHz carrier frequency and uses either an 8 pin direct data output BW0005 TRX Kit) or an 8 bit parallel output (BW0006 TRX Kit). The receiver is shipped as an unassembled kit and can be easily integrated into an existing design or new receiver circuit using your PCB and receiver design. The IC (BW0005 or BW0006 PIC Chip) and supporting components can be assembled into your design. The BW TTRX Kit ICs are preprogrammed to work with the BW7070 low volume remote control.   Controlling Switches, Motors, Relays and other TTL capable devices and components. Great for volume control circuits for audio devices. Integration into existing PCB layouts for adding custom infrared control.

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