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Packaging Options for Volume Purchases
Remote Controls can be packaged using a variety of methods. Typically remotes are shipped in standard bulk, or, pre-packaged in clamshell or blister packs prior to shipping bulk. Other packaging methods are available.
Bulk Packaging
For Standard Bulk Packaging, the remote controls are placed in individual open-end, clear, plastic bags. The remotes, in the bags, are then placed in compartments in a carboard box. The quantity of remotes per box will vary depending on remote control size. Typically, remotes are boxed in 50 to 100 pieces per box.

This type of packaging is the standard method of shipment.

Clam Shell Packaging
If the remote controls are going to be sold as individual pieces and placed on a store shelf, Clamshell packaging is one option. The remote is locked inside clear plastic that folds at the base. Carboard inserts with custom text and artwork are placed inside the clamshell with the remote control. Clam shell packaging can also be placed on a peg board for product displays.

The clamshell packages are them bulk packaged on cardboard boxes for transport to your facility.
Blister Pack Packaging

Another method for packaging a remote control for product displays is blister pack. The remote is placed in an open clear plasic housing. The plastic is then molded to a carboard backing, or sealed within two pieces of cardboard with the remote exposed through an opening. Text and artwork are printed on the carboard.

The Blister Pack packages are them bulk packaged on cardboard boxes for transport to your facility.