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Remote Control Custom Features and Options- main features page

Key/Button Color 

Available only with higher volume orders, you can choose the color of the buttons on the remote control. Multiple button colors can be used on a single remote (a red power button, a green volume button etc.). Button can also have silk screened graphics and labels directly on the button.

Standard Colors    
We can manufacture the remote with standard key colors such as red, blue, yellow, green. We use existing colors and silicone pigments to reduce the cost. There are a wide variety of colors. Off the shelf (low volume pre-manufactured) remotes typically have light grey keys, with no text or graphics silk screened on the keys.
Standard Key Color Examples
Custom Colors    
We can also produce the remote with colors that match your design requirements. Some applications require a specific pantone color. We will work with you to match your color requirements.
Custom Key Colors Example
Glow in the Dark    
Also called Glow keys or Firefly keys. These keys use a special phosphorescent chemical that absorbs energy from a light source, and then emits a glow over a period of time. The standard glow key is a neutral, off-white color that then glows a pale yellow-green under low light conditions. Other glow colors are available such as blue or purple, that then glow blue or purple. The length of time of the glow will vary depending on the strength of light used to "charge" the keys (ambient room light in most circumstances). All glow keys will stop glowing after a period of time. Glow keys are not related in any way to back lit keys, and use no power from the remote control, so will not affect battery life.
Standard Glow Color

Custom Glow Color Example