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Remote Control Custom Features and Options- main features page

LED (Light Emitting Diode)
Some models of our remote controls can include a small LED (light emitting diode). Typically a small red LED offers feedback as to keypress/infrared code transmission. It can also be used as part of custom programming, or setting devices for a universal remote control. LEDs draw power from the remote control batteries and therefor reduce battery life slightly in comparison to the same remote model without an LED.

Feedback LED
Feedback LEDs are activated when a button is pressed on the remote control. They are used primarily as a way for the user to recognize that a button has been pressed and an infrared code is being issued. Other uses are to indicate a low or dead battery condition. The LED will not activate if the batteries are dead.
Feedback LED
Feedback LED - red
Button LED  
For some models, LEDs can be placed in close proximity to a button on the remote controls PCB. This allows the button to light up when pressed, or, light up when another key is pressed (custom programming). An example would be to select between devices such as TV, VCR or Cable. Pressing TV would cause the TV button to glow red briefly, and in turn would set the remote to TV mode. Now, when any key is pressed the TV button will glow red, until another device button is pressed such as VCR. Then the VCR button would glow red etc. Not all models support a button LED. This is also a visual feedback for the user for button press, infrared code transmission and a dead battery (LED will not go on) situation. LED Button example
Button LED Example - red